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The Acevedo Team is dedicated to guiding sellers through a smooth and successful home sale. We prioritize understanding your unique situation and finding creative solutions that meet your financial needs and emotional well-being.

Meet The Founder

The Acevedo Team is a team of passionate real estate professionals dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of selling a house under difficult circumstances. We understand the emotional and financial stress involved and are committed to providing a supportive and solution-oriented experience.

Ranked Among the Top 5 Most Active REALTORS in the Nation.

Ricardo Acevedo

Here at The Acevedo Real Estate Professionals, we provide our clients with the highest quality of customer service. Making your Real Estate transaction understandable and quick. We have been known for closing transactions in as little as 20 days. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property we can find you the best value out there.

Feel free to browse through our website and contact us. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions.

Our Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Janette was great. Always available and very knowledgeable. Was very patient until we found the perfect home for us. Super nice and personable and Worked around our schedule.
Cynthia Contreras
Cynthia Contreras
Janette did an amazing job assisting my husband and I looking for a home. She was able to answer all of our questions and was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. I enjoyed my experience with her.
Abril Chavez
Abril Chavez
Janette was more than helpful with the selling of our mobile home. There were many bumps in the selling process and she handled everything and made it easier on us.
Eddie did an excellent job knowing the in’s and outs of selling a home He was knowledgeable in all areas He has many contacts that helped get the home sold His dedication and efficiency was second to none! He is definitely a professional!
Abel made sure that everything was well understude. If we had any questions he would get a answer if he wasn't sure. We had a hard time getting an offer excepted. Abel would always have a positive additude and would move on to keep looking. Well finally we did find our Perfect Dreams home. Thanks
Rita Franco
Rita Franco
Janette was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with during the home buying process. Her extensive knowledge and informative approach made the entire experience much smoother. Her strong communication skills ensured that we were well-informed about every aspect of the house, including potential issues that might arise. Throughout the escrow period, she was diligent in ensuring that necessary repairs were completed, personally verifying their quality. Janette took the time to understand our specific home buying needs and desires, maintaining a transparent and accommodating approach throughout. We greatly appreciated her guidance and insights, such as tips on identifying important features like roof wear. Overall, we both thoroughly enjoyed our home buying journey with Janette and wholeheartedly recommend her services to others. She is a true professional who goes above and beyond for her clients.
Jannette is very professional. She never missed any house viewing appointments even when it was raining heavily in March 2023. She is pleasant and easy to work with. She is an excellent communicator who constantly kept us in the loop by providing timely information during the house buying process.
Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez
Special THANK YOU to Esmeralda Nuñez! We were fortunate to have her as our Realtor on our mountain cabin purchase. She is extremely knowledgeable, answered all our questions in detail and kept us moving forward literally each day. Esmeralda negotiated an amazing offer with the sellers. She worked very closely with our loan officer from VirtuaLending, together they were able to open & close escrow on our home purchase in just 14 Days!!!
Nothing but the best from day 1 when we met. He’s very responsive and listens when there is something to be addressed or negotiated. He made sure I knew all of my options and went above and beyond even with lenders to ensure the transaction went the way it should have. I didn’t feel I was being rushed or taken advantage of in any way. I’ll definitely continue to use him as long as I’m in the market for property.
Ricardo did an amazing job assisting us on selling our property/land. He was very involved in every step of the way and would constantly check up on the status of our process on selling. He was very friendly, responsive, and very involved. 100% recommended.

Meet Our Team

Selling your home is a team effort. Our real estate professionals work together seamlessly to be your strongest advocates, advisors, and market experts throughout the process.

photo of Carolina Acevedo
Carolina Acevedo
Human Resource Manager
photo of Leanna Nguyen
Leanna Nguyen
Social Media Assistant
photo of Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia
Platform Specialist
photo of Jacob Johnston
Jacob Johnston
Social Media Manager
photo of Maria Higuera
Maria Higuera
Agent Support Manager
photo of Natalie Amezqueta
Natalie Amezqueta
Transaction Coordinator
photo of Isis Ibanez
Isis Ibanez
Executive Assistant

Questions About the Acevedo Team?

  • What are the Acevedo Team's areas of expertise?

    The Acevedo Team Real Estate specializes in a variety of services to meet diverse client needs. Our areas of expertise include:

    1. Reverse Mortgage: Helping seniors convert part of their home equity into cash without having to sell their home or pay additional monthly bills.

    2. Probate: Assisting families and executors in navigating the legal and financial complexities of selling a property during the probate process.

    3. Divorce: Providing compassionate and professional real estate services during the challenging process of dividing marital property.

    4. Relocation of Elderly: Supporting elderly clients and their families with the transition to new living arrangements, ensuring a smooth and respectful process.

    5. Permanently Injured: Aiding clients who have suffered permanent injuries in finding or modifying homes to accommodate their new needs.

    6. Notice of Default: Offering guidance and solutions for homeowners facing default, including short sales, loan modifications, and other foreclosure alternatives.

    We proudly serve clients in the Inland Empire and surrounding cities, including:


    •San Bernardino



    •Rancho Cucamonga

    •Moreno Valley





    and more!!

    Our team is dedicated to providing expert advice, personalized service, and comprehensive support to meet the unique needs of each client.

  • What is the Acevedo Team Mission!

    At AREP, our mission is to cultivate not only exceptional real estate professionals but also outstanding individuals. We believe that to excel as a real estate agent, one must first embody the principles of integrity, empathy, and continuous personal growth. By fostering a mindset rooted in ethical practices, lifelong learning, and community engagement, we empower our agents to deliver unparalleled service and build lasting relationships. Our commitment is to nurture both the professional and personal development of our team, ensuring they become leaders who inspire trust and excellence in the real estate industry.

  • Does the Acevedo Team have any reviews?

    Yes! We are proud to have dozens of wonderful reviews. Check them out on Zillow HERE.

  • What is the team culture like? Does the team provide support and mentorship to new REALTORS?

    At the Acevedo Team we follow 12 values that is impactful to us. We believe this will guide us to a successful transaction and most importantly be able to assist one more family in need.

    Our Values are

    Just for today… I will choose and display the right attitudes

    Just for today… I will determine and act on important priorities

    Just for today… I  will know and follow healthy guidelines

    Just for today… I will communicate with and care for my family

    Just for today… I will practice and develop good thinking

    Just for today… I will make and keep proper commitments

    Just for today… I will earn and property manage finances

    Just of today… I will deepen and live out my faith

    Just for today… I will initiate and invest in solid relationships

    Just for today… I will plan for and model generosity

    Just for today… I will embrace and practice good values

    Just for today… I will seek and experience improvements

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